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It’s me, Hoon-ah. I will take care of the surgery team, so Hoonie, you just do as you are instructed and stay put for a little while. They’ll make sure your mother is safe too.

You know, every moment of the time that we have reconnected has been very precious to me… especially when you hugged me in the meeting room at the hospital, I was very happy, I didn’t need to tell you, no matter if I kept denying that I wasn’t Jae Hee, you will still recognize me…

Hoon-ah, the reason I’m going alone is because of your mother, if you are still the head surgeon and something should go wrong, your mother would be put in danger. So don’t worry about me and take good care of your mother when you are reunited. I’m currently safe and would find a way out, I can promise you that. Hoon-ah, until then, be safe, please, I’m sorry Hoon-ah, I will no longer make things hard for you.


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I used to think that I loved a girl for a very long time. So long, that I forgot what it was to love someone. I didn’t even know what true love was until I met you. I also don’t know what makes me be like this when I’m with you.What makes me love to peek at you, to see you angry, to see you laugh, or why I feel uneasy when I see you with somebody else. But there’s one thing I do know for sure now. Please marry me. No contracts, no rules, no conditions. There’s only this man who will love you always. Let’s get married!

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How does Jongsuk relieve stress?

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  • I’m sorry
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Ahh! That lamp was expensive.

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Kang So Ra as Oh Soo Hyun (Ep.8)

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You can just feel the love

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