look at kangwoo in front of you carefully. from head to toe very slowly. an illusion has a contradiction. if you look carefully you will be able to find the contradiction.
The feeling of this chaotic anger swirling inside of me was turning into something warm and sweet like candy.

 “I thought that fate was something special, but it doesn’t seem to be now. The one in front of me right now, I’m fine with everything as long as I’m with her. I can’t imagine loving anyone else but her. I think that’s what fate is. I’m fine even if we aren’t fated to love each other because I’d still love you fatefully.”

Yoon Sena (My Lovely Girl) ©

“Indeed, life is full of surprises. The worst comes with the best. But we can get through life because sometimes the best comes with the worst. Marriage will concern both our families, not just us. We’ll experience discomfort due to other family issues. Nevertheless, I think marriage is totally worth it if you and I can spend even a moment together”.

"I always hated your perm."